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Spit Roast Home Delivered in Newcastle


Thinking of having a party soon? Not sure where the party’s going to be? 
BBQ BOB has a great alternative to a spit roast home delivered in Newcastle.
Our mighty mega meat deal is a great and alterative that a spit roast home delivered.

Have you ever had a spit roast home delivered in Newcastle. Same old thing.
The guys are cooking, trimming the meat and at the end of the day there is over cooked meat cold vegies and warm salad.

BBQ Bob comes to you and dishes up 4 different meats, salads and baked vegies all prepared freshly on the premises and the meat and vegies are kept piping hot in our bay marie.
It consists of 4 meats of your choice.
You may like a marinated lamb leg or a seeded mustard roast beef.
Also on the list is a roasted pork shoulder with additional crackling.
You can add to the list and include glazed smoked sesame chicken legs which are very tasty.
In season we can add whole or fillets of fish barbequed with your favorite topping.
This is a great way to have this rather than having a spit roast home delivered in Newcastle.
Our mega meal comes with salad and vegies delivered or with our experienced staff.
Believe this! The cost is less than $25 delivered per person and what a feed.

BBQ Bob provides buffet style cuisine with a basic selection of pre packed salads.
Food safety with us is a big deal.
We are the outdoor specialists.
This is a great alternative to a spit roast home delivered in Newcastle to your door.
Our vegetables consisting of sweet and standard potato, butternut pumpkin are all purchased fresh at the markets daily.
They are prepared, cut and baked fresh on the day.
If it is an outdoor event, we serve our salads in pre packed containers.
As we said before, we are the outdoor specialists and the clean food people and we go that extra mile to see you smile.
There is nothing worse on party day than being outside, hot day and the flies and bugs start attacking your food but that’s Australia.
That is why we containerize as much as possible and you will notice the difference.

Spit roast home delivered in Newcastle with wraps and rolls.
A cheaper way than a spit roast home delivered in Newcastle is by using our selection of bread rolls and wraps made fresh to your choice of meats, relish and condiments supplied.
The rolls are baked fresh on the day and the rolls.

At BBQ Bob, we provide the plastic take away containers (700ml) for you convenience for leftovers or that late night snack.
We pack up the leftovers in meal size containers so you can pop them in your fridge or on ice.
This has proved very popular with customers as you pay for the food you order.

Why not buy our sauces and relishes made especially for BBQ BOB? 
Our condiment and sauce list includes our famous BBQ BOB barbie steak sauce, our tasty red capsicum relish that you can’t stop eating.
It goes great with all baked meats and steaks.
It is a great addition to a bacon and egg roll on the big breakfast morning.

Ordering a drink pack?
When you order a drink pack with your Mega meal, we provide party ice in the standard quoted amount.
Popular soft drinks are available including Coke, Pepsi, Lift and all tetra flavored juices.
Bottled water or a water fountain can also be supplied on request.
Let us organize your drinks and alcoholic beverages to be picked up at your local bottle on the day.
We advise than caned beer and spirits liquor is suggested so there is no chance of broken glass and cuts.

Other things we provide are cleaning products and garbage bags.
Too busy to organize your whole function?
To inquire about or find out more information on our menus and what we can supply and cater, please email or phone us.


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