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Finger Food Catering

Here are some more finger food catering suggestions from us at BBQ BOB Catering.
Our current finger food catering menu is quite extensive.
Finger food creates a fantastic and relaxed opening to any party of function.
Here are some additions to our finger food menu. You can also use our finger food menu to create a main course by choosing 3 of the below to make a great main meal.
Also see our 72 piece (just for the fingers) food platter.

Just For the Fingers:
•  Thai fish cakes with a tasty dipping sauce
•  Vegetarian rice paper rolled with a garlic soy dipping sauce
•  Assortment of Mini Chinese dumplings steamed and served with a special sauce.
•  Marinated prawns, pan fried and dressed with wasabi mayonnaise, garnished with some fresh lemon thyme
•  Asparagus spears wrapped in salmon with a light drizzle of  lemon hollandaise sauce
•  Bite size Greek salad, dressed with a light vinaigrette
•  Buffalo Chicken Wings with a chilli sweet and sour dipping sauce
•  Pulled Pork Sliders with an apple coleslaw topping
•  Savory Kangaroo Meat Balls wtth a glazed plum sauce
•  Mini herb and garlic infused lamb burgers served topped with Tzatziki or GreekYogurt
•  Chicken Mornay Vol-e-Vont topped with cranberry jelly
•  Mini Caesar Salad served in an edible soft flat bread bucket
•  Battered Fish pieces with house made Tartare Sauce with slices of lemon
•  Mini Quiches and Pizza Plate
•  Butter fish cakes with a lemon zest and dipping sauce
•  Bruschetta (different varieties)
•  Chicken Skewers with honey soy sauce
•  Mexican tortilla wraps filled with Wild rice, bean sprouts, fresh dill and cream cheese
•  Mini chicken and mushroom puffs
•  Bruschetta topped with fresh figs and  raspberry balsamic vinaigrette
•  Oven baked croutons dressed with basil pesto, caramelized onions and melted brie cheese
•  Sticky pork chipolatas on rosemary skewers
•  Quiche with slow roasted tomatoes, leek, basil and feta.
•  Lamb burgers with tzatziki and fresh rocket
•  Mini spinach and feta quiches
•  A choice of  sandwiches made fresh  

finger food catering - finger food platter by BBQ BOB Catering in Newcastle

72 piece Finger Food Platter

8 Spinach & Fetta
8 Bacon & Tomato

8 Beef,
8 Pumpkin & Ricotta

8 Wagyu Beef
8 Meatballs  

8 Butter Chicken
8 Spinach & Fetta Fillo
3 Quiche: Lorraine
3 Onion & Camembert
2 Salmon & Dill

Dipping sauces:
House made Tomato BBQ Sauce


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