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Spit Roast Hire in Newcastle

For those of you that want to roast. Hire your spit roast in Newcastle from BBQ Bob and D I Y.
This is a great budget option.
We have a simple spit roast hire in Newcastle that we can provide and hire to you.
It will cater for a party of people of around 50 for as little as $100-00 for the equipment hire.
Spit Roast Hire in Newcastle has never been so easy.

• 240V rotisserie motor with 1 piece shaft
• CHARCOAL OPERATED ONLY. WE CAN SUPPLY QUALITY FUEL FOR $48 PER box (approx 20kgs Charcoal needed) Cooking length approx 1.6 MTRS long.
• A Great Party Alternative as D I Y is so easy
• $100-00 Delivered
• PLUS $30.00 refundable cleaning bond

We can supply the following tender meats and Salad that can be provided on request:
Full Pig
Butts of Beef
Full Lamb
Chickens and Turkeys
We can also put the meat on and show you how to cook the beast… (Conditions Apply)

Here are some ideas and additions to your Spit roast in Newcastle and surrounding areas. (Travel costs and delivery may vary)

Seafood Platters on Request:   ADD 
Prawns – 3 KG of Fresh Australian Local Sea prawns served with home-style seafood dressing - $140.00
Oysters - 3 Dozen fresh Sydney Rock Oysters, served with lemon wedges, lime & chilli dressing - $120.00
Combination Seafood  Platter - 1kg fresh med to large fresh prawns, 2 doz local oysters, 400g smoked sliced salmon with a fresh cold marinara mix and dressings to suit - $140.00

Combination Platters: ADD
Chicken - 40 pieces of seasoned BBQ roast chicken with dinner rolls, grated cheese, olives, roasted capsicum strips and a grated cucumber dippet - $190.00
Cold Meat - Selection of cold meats and Condiments - $95.00
Cheese Platters - Assorted cheeses including dried fruit and nuts, grapes, with a selection of in season fruits  served with water crackers and novelty bisquets - $75.00

For more information and our availability call or email us.


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