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Caterers in Newcastle NSW


One of the top caterers in Newcastle NSW is BBQ Bob Catering in NSW Australia.
BBQ Bob has been catering in the Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and the Port Stephens area since 2003.
BBQ Bob has catered for many varied events including Weddings, 21’st parties, engagements and corporate events.

Sydney is where most of our return work comes out of.
Where there have been events in the Newcastle area with Sydney guests come the people that have been at our events and book us for their function.
That is why we feel we are the top caterers in Newcastle NSW. 
Our catering methods are personal and display a nice atmosphere with every event whether it will be outdoors or indoors.

There are many caterers in Newcastle NSW but not like BBQ Bob.
Thank you for looking at our site.

We are waiting to book your party.
We are looking to serve you with delicious menus from $12.95 per person to $25.00 per guest for our Buffet or Spit roast prepared.
Finger food such as tasty chicken marinated wings, canapés, savouries or fried food such as spring rolls, fish cocktails or maybe oysters Kilpatrick on a platter can be supplied.
This works with all our buffets rather than an entree for any function from 50 to 500 guests.

Our caterers in Newcastle NSW will provide catering services in Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.
It does not matter where you areas we have so many contacts.
Our main aim is help you compare the prices, the menus and our services.
Our catering company has great values with our contacts as well.
Delicious food is always on the menu ranging from spit roasts, finger food, bbq and grilled food.
Anything at all, including parties for birthdays, funerals and weddings plus much more.

Whether you are looking for a small function with 50 people or a gigantic event for 500 guests, we can guarantee that you are provided with the very best in service and in food.
Before you decide some caterers in Newcastle NSW, try a free quote with us based on what food you require and what you want.

Send us an email and get your free quote NOW!

BBQ Bob Catering is your answer to all your catering needs so book now you party goers...


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