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Catering for Sporting Events


If you are considering catering for sporting events in Newcastle this year, we have a catering service to suit any event.
BBQ Bob Catering is now catering for sporting event in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie & Port Stephens Area.

When we are catering for sporting event we can bring our own marquis or a truck with staff and waiters or use your facilities on site.
We can charge you a flat fee on a set menu or we can use our take away menu. (see Below)
The set menu is very popular with movie nights where you can pick what you want to serve your guests.

Most of the jobs we engage usually select Hot Dogs and milkshakes or BBQ sausage sizzle with 2 drinks per person and this is built into the ticket price. 
We can also sell fresh popcorn, lollies and snacks.
With our catering for sporting events in Newcastle, we can set up shop at the football, Tennis Tournaments and Surf festivals where catering is needed.

Here is an example of our Take away shop menu for a sporting event:


Bacon N Egg Roll                   $5-00                                    
Chicken Snitsy Roll N Gravy     $8-00
Works Hamburger                 $8-00
Ham or Chicken Toasties        $5-00
Salad Wraps with Choice        $8-00
Hot Dog with Fried Onion       $5-00
Beer Battered Chips  (Small)   $4-00
Gravy Available         (Large)   $6-00


Water                                  $2-00
Coke, Zero,  Fanta  etc          $2-50
Milk Shakes most flavours        $4-50
Thick shake                          $6-00
Sports Drinks                        $4-00

Ice Cream

Super Dooper                      $0-60
Paddle Pops                         $2-00
Pine Lime Splice                    $2-50
Drumstick                            $3-00

Please do not hesitate to call or email us for more info.


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