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Block Ice

In need of Block Ice for your catering and party needs.
BBQ BOB has cold iced boxes suitable for food, fishing, picnics and drink drum packages.
Block Ice is the coldest and it lasts longer that party ice.
Block ice can last up to 5 days (over 100 hours) in a normal esky.
We can provide 5kg rectangle blocks delivered to you in Newcastle.
Whether you need block ice for your esky or for a shop display for fruit and veggies, block ice is your answer.
Teamed up with a bag of party ice, your food and drinks will be cold for days.
Many people use block ice for camping and boating.
It’s great to ice down fish over a long period on a boat.
Our 5kg block is $5-00. We can arrange free delivery with a minimum spend of $50-00.

The packaged ice industry in Australia is very old at that.
Even today it has been a long established business model.
It is very similar but the packaged ice business that existed in America until the Ice Factories started like Darks Ice in Newcastle.
The refrigeration machinery and storage company was founded in 1912 by Newcastle Samuel Dark.
Dark’s Ice Works & Cold Storage Ltd was located on Australian Agricultural Company land at Wharf Road, Honeysuckle Point.
The company was registered in N.S.W. back on 25 June 1920 and still is today a registered company in Newcastle and listed as an investment Co.

Bags of ice are produced in regional production factories around Australia.
The ice is then kept in frozen storage factories.
Then the production factories deliver to customers and retailers on a weekly, fortnightly or on a monthly basis depending on each retail site.
The ice is usually stored on pallets at the storage factories, but due to the nature of the retail freezers and retail outlets, the ice is always hand unloaded at the retail delivery point more than likely a service station or outdoor sports shops.

Wholesale enquiries for block ice are welcomed and for more information you can send us an email.


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